Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Something was really bothering me as I walk down the side lane of the main Konyo Konyo Street. I had just read in this newspaper that unknown disease had raised alarm in Bentiu.  What worried me most was the fact that the person who announces the presence or occurrence of the unknown disease was not just an ordinary person, but a qualified doctor and not just another local doctor, but one who works and represent the UN World Health Organization (WHO). I was thinking aloud and almost going out of my breath (not coronavirus). This could not be true just when we could not comprehend and come to terms with the events taking place in the name of COVID-19. Another unknown disease outbreak is what we did and we do not want now as we continue to look for a way out of the deadly virus. The world body and the local doctors should not sit back and tell us that there was “unknown” disease in parts of the country.  The issue of giving half-baked information on matters of national interests should not be entertained like the issue of this unknown disease. Fingers have been pointing at some senior officers in the medical circle for having done shoddy work at the national coronavirus team. They should not be the one again who are coming up with this “unknown disease syndrome” Each and everyone given a responsibility must live to the calling or be shown the door without hesitation. Time has come for all to work for the well being of the country with or without coronavirus, and there must be a reason to call a spade a spade not a big spoon. We only hear of unknown gunmen but to coin another language of unknown disease that would be too much for the country, which is still experiencing a lot of challenges and with coronavirus worldwide without cure, treatment or vaccine.  Time has come to have those committed local experts to do the right thing for the country. They should be seen to be spearheading the fight against the COVID-19 and any other disease that might breakout, which likely to happen during this long rains. Time to manage our own affairs is now because relying on other people and institution fully has been a cause of concern if not a disaster for the good of the nation. A country can only prosper without commitment and those few among us who are privileged to be holding key positions in public and private sectors should give their time according to the need the general population. The commitment must remain real and truthful because that is what can make the country move forward collectively. Wake up in the morning and plan your day accordingly putting in mind what you would do for yourself and what you could do collectively for the country. It is an inner calling that cannot be forced on one. Respond to the call.

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