The ugly Gun Barrel

Opens its mouth,

To swallow human soul

Without any mercy

Or even some pity.


Kalashnikov made it well,

To target even an insect in a well.

If gun was given breath;

I would wish it death.


The ill-hearted murderer,

Grips the butt on his shoulder

To eradicate God’s image

That yet reflects his duplicate.


His hankering finger on pistol grip,

Pulls the trigger in strip.

His eye through the trunnion sight,

Tau! Tau! tau ! at the site.


Fellow human being is gone,

Brother from another mother is gone,

Sister from another father is death,

In-law from another tribe is death.


Is this surely fair,

To kill one that we share,

A nation and water of the Nile

That makes us together smile?


If gun would die,

I would wish it deep grave

For the soul not to resurrect

So that together again we are one.


By Loro Louis Yugu

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