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Where are South Sudan National OperationalPolice, 777?


By James LaduModiAsukGwate


By definition, the word police refer to an organized civil force in acountry, which keeps law and order. Men and women aremembers of such force. But do our operational national police keep law and order as expected by the citizens? One may say yes or no, depending on the circumstances we are now in.

To be honest, South Sudan National Police (SSNP) became operational with full mandate sincethe independence of South Sudan on the 9th of July 2011.  Since then, South Sudan National Police (777) were doing wonderful job throughout the country. They have been providingcommendable security towardsthe lives and property of our citizens and the whole country.

For example, our National Police have beensolvingproblems and issues of cattle raidingfor example, inAwielnorth and Awielsouth since 2011-2012.

In the capital Juba, they have beenpatrolling and providing protection throughout the day and night to createpeaceful and conductive environment among the residents.

The 777 police unit cars/vehicles wereprovided to monitor the security situation in South Sudan’s capital, Juba and across the country. The former spokesperson of South Sudan National Police, Col. James Monday Enocka was always makingassurance to the general public aboutthe activities being rendered by our police in the country. When anincident happens in Juba city, during his leadership, he would always openlyrespond to and enlighten the general public regarding the matter.

He is approachable and friendly tomedia houses and the general public in general, though hesometimes grew upset if the media houses criticize his office for failing to do one thing or two to meet the demand of our citizens.  All went well during his time as spokesperson and the rate of crimes was very low, compared to the present rate?

From2013-2015, the work of South Sudan National Police was still effective and desirable to all the people in Juba and across the country.

In case of any problem in the area you stay, you can easily call the police emergency line of 777, and immediately they turn up andrescue you whether during the day ornight.

The office of South Sudan National Police who used to go for talk showsand to create awareness about their work and what is expected out ofthem is not productivenow. Our National Police were more operational and effective besides, introduction of the community policing strategy in the capital Juba those years.

In my area, the 777 police patrol used to arrive ataround 10 pm-6am South Sudan local time.

So, I came to understand that South Sudan National Police operation became weak after the incident of July in Juba between President Kiir forces and those of the opposition leader Dr. RiekMachar.

The emergency line of 777 that used to come to our area in those pervious years is no longer operating and providingnecessary protection and security to the citizens as expected.

And the dialogue between the police and the citizens that used to be carried out in workshops or through talk shows isnolonger happening. I fail to understand the cause of the effectiveness. Col. James Monday Enocka who was always enlightening the citizens regarding the activities of the police in South Sudan is no longer seen. I do not know whether he has retired and that could be the reason.

Really,who has taken away, the work of SouthSudan National Police in the country? Is it the National Security, the army, or it is the department of CID? Who is interfering with the work of our National Police in South Sudan?

God hasgiven people different giftsso, the work given to our police by the constitution of our country is not supposed to be taken away by anyone in the authority.

Because Iam not seeing their usualwork, instead security organs are being seen in the streets and the main roads leading to the government protection units paroling, instead of South Sudan National Police for operation.A lot of changes happened towards South Sudan National Police these days.

As such, the rate of insecurityis alarminggreatly, especially in Juba capital and the rest of the states in South Sudan.

Every night, especially in Juba, there isat least gunshot in one of the areas across the city for unknown reason. This is happening because South Sudan National Police are completely absent from their usual professionalwork. Some security organs or the army has taken their full responsibility for delivering services and protecting the citizens and their properties away.

This has made their work ineffective and undesirable by the community surrounding them.

So, I am urging the SouthSudan National Police for operation not to give up, but to enforce their work in order to provide protection and security to our citizens.

Time is runningout, and our people need to be protected and to stay peaceful and safe acrossthe capital South Sudanand the entire country.


The writer is an economist, political analyst and freelance journalist.

He can be reach at the following email address: modijamesladu@yahooc.om.

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