13 SPLA generals among 3000 Juba University graduates

Generals of South Sudan's army celebrate during official independence day ceremonies. After two decades of civil war and two million deaths, their dream is finally realized.

It was on 05/27/2016 where  13 army generals, including former Inspector General of Police Gen. Pieng Deng Kuol were among the three thousand students who received their degrees and academic credentials at the Juba University campus on Thursday.

The generals are among 60 students who have received Master Degrees at the university’s 2nd graduation ceremony.

2 students have received PhDs and close to 3,000 have graduated with Bachelor degrees.

Japan’s ambassador to South Sudan, Kiya Masahiko was awarded an honorary doctorate in International Relations.

Meanwhile, the lecturers at the university are asking the government to make education a priority. The teaching staffs at all five public universities started a sit-down strike on Wednesday, demanding payment of three month salary arrears.

They are also demanding medical coverage, annual tickets and inclusion of Higher Education employees in the new salary adjustments.

Some of generals who attained Masters in Military Development included Gen. Kuol Deim, Gen. Pieng Deng, Gen. Kuol Deng Abot and Gen. Johnson Juma Okot among others.


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