For the first time residents in Maban, Upper Nile state have come to terms with the three percent of the oil money which they were supposed to be receiving since 1997 a cut from the total earnings by the oil producing companies. Other areas of the oil productions have remained silent although they are equally facing similar situations and conditions. This could have been a sweet news if the payments is anything to go by. What was paid to Maban Community is a drop in the ocean although it is refreshing that the first step had been taken. The oil firms must adhere to the government regulations of giving back to the community in areas of their operations. They sometimes operates without caring about the environment around them and the people living there which has resulted in children being prematurely born or deformed. Something is not correct and that something should be handled by the parties concerned which must come out with proper plan to pay communities in the oil field. These people are not begging or asking. They have a right to get what is rightly theirs. This has been approved and given green light by government authorities.Let this be the way forward that would be leading and harmonizing the relationship between the community and oil field managers who should equally be caring of the welfare of the general public and their property. There have been a number of complaints from people living within the precincts of these places Maban being one of them. Oil is the main revenue earner for the country although at the moment the world price of the commodity has gone down and dwindling around the barrels without much ado. Let the firms start doing the right thing for the people who have been crying too far.

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