The decision by the taskforce to have all members tested for coronavirus is a positive move, which will create confidence among members of the public. It means leading by example which many leaders would fear to undertake under such circumstances. It is important that when they begin giving direction on the preventive and protective measures, their status will have come out clearly and placed in the public domain. It is not that all of them are free of the virus but chances should not be taken, particularly, by the team mandated to spearhead the fight against COVID’19 in the country.  The move will also erase and bring to an end rumours from the mind of the general public who should be prepared at this difficult time to be able to remain calm for the stability and prosperity of the country. The virus can only be tamed and controlled when there is calm and a sure-way of handling those already infected.  The damage in socio-economy that is being experienced can only be revamped if and when the situation is turned back to normal. There have been so many shortfalls as a result of the coronavirus that need to be addressed, but can only be done when and if the situation allowed. That’s why there is more expectation that the national taskforce should be above reproach and be able to do its work with zeal of professionalism. The general public should be properly prepared for any eventuality as the cure in drugs or vaccine for coronavirus is yet to be on sight. Medics and experts are still on laboratory tests without the indication that there would be effective result soon. Others are trying herbals, which are yet to be tested and confirmed for their effectiveness. This is why proper care must be maintained and those spearheading be confirmed clean.

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