The story of a young enterprenuer building a brand

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudan’s market is dominated by various products both fake and original flooding the shopping malls and boutiques in the country.

A young South Sudanese entrepreneur famously known as Yamah Enock Oyoyo has found passion in the fashion, style and design industry and hopes to create brands that people will love and appreciate in order to avoid buying fake products.

Armed with capital in 2016 Enock was good to good and this gave birth to the today’s Yamaz collection that is turning the fashion industry around.

Yamaz’s milestone was the launch of Juba love T. Shirts, a locally made and designed outfit in Juba.

The Juba T-shirt registered a great success and sold out among the fashion lovers in the city because of its prints and quality.

While speaking to Juba Monitor about his journey to creating long lasting brands Enock said that his big dream was to ensure that people in Juba and across the country wear quality outfits.

Juba love T-shirts had a heart design on the chest and with writing of all the Juba suburbs such as Munuki, Hai-Thora, Gudele, Lologo, New site, Mia-saba, Gumbo, Shirikat and many other places.

“When the idea of Juba love T-shirts is to create love among ourselves and remind us of the importance of living in peace and harmony with one another, Juba love T-shirts means that there is love in Munuki, Gudele, Hai-Thora, Lologo and Mia-saba and other places”, said Enock.

Building brand or dealing in brands in a country where few people understand the value of customized brands Enock said he was working hard to educate his clients on the importance of brands and their value.

How does Enock educate his client is what most people might be interested in knowing, Enock said that each time a client comes to his Boutique he explains the value of the brand and the client should associate him or herself with a brand.

Enock also revealed that through the availability of social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, explaining about brands has been made easy.

Thousands of South Sudanese are on social media platforms hence making it easy for Enock to reach them and be able to create awareness about different types of world class brands.

Yamaz collection also deals in hand made African wear, designed and tailored by South Sudanese with gifted hands.

Yamaz collections has become the number one shopping center for majority of stars in Juba such as artists, dancers, video directors and actors.

Recently the Hard Life Avenue stars of Mantani, Nicky Prince and Linus Pro bought their outfits for video shooting at Yamaz collections.

Mantani urged Yamaz collections not to give up on building a brand despite challenges.

“I know most of our people don’t know anything about brands but as artists and role models, we do appreciate and understand the importance of brands, the journey is tough but I urge Yamaz and his team to never give up”, said Mantani.

Yamaz collections’ clients include diplomatic personnel, corperate persons and stake holders in the entertainment industry.

Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, versa, polo and Nike.

Yamaz T-shirts are a proud product locally made in Juba and it is so popular amongst the youth in Juba city.

The brands listed included bags, belts, shoes, jeans and shirts which are a bit expensive to those who do not understand the importance of brands.

Some people are associated with specific brands and their brands defines who they are and this is what Yamaz collection is trying to build in South Sudan.

“We have people who love Gucci and everything about them is Gucci, from the watch, shoes, belts, bags, trousers, shirts and perfumes and they keep to that standard”, said Enock.

As 2020 approaches Enock said that he is hoping to start producing clothing under the Yamaz brands.

South Sudan’s fashion industry is picking so quick and giving rise to new trends of locally made clothing.

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