No situation can last forever. MPs and the Minister of Finance must come to round-table talks to sort out the on-going deadlock revolving around unpaid civil servants’ dues and the reading of the 2019/2020 budget.

The budget is almost read uniformly in the East Africa region. Some countries are done with their readings and are their budgets await approvals for spending.

It is not the same here since the standoff began on the very day it was to be read. Indeed it can be justified that the MPs have valid reasons to block the reading but they should at the same time consider the plight of the country, which cannot move forward without any approved budget.

There are emergency and needy cases, which can only be tackled with an approved budget. This is not to say that the legislators have not made their point.

The standoff between the parties is holding public services at ransom. Worse still, both sides are silent and not talking or informing the country what is at stake or what to expect yet time for show off at the expense of the public is not now. There should be sobriety and reasoning in all that is being done for the benefit of the general public.

Indeed the MPs are advocating a good cause for the civil servants and their families. On the other hand the minister has not come out to explain why the amount accumulated for six months yet it was factored in last year’s budget.

Both should soften their positions or cede ground for the sake of service delivery. We cannot continue with the standoff forever. Yes the MPs are elected to represent the general public while the minister holds the coffers of the country and needs the budget to enable for government’s operations. Two wrongs do not make a right.

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