By Akol Arop Akol

What we all want as the people of South Sudan is not different; the country whose liberators or freedom fighters wanted in our prospective today is the same visionary nation we still want today.

Our leaders during liberation aimed on freeing us from the bad political, social and religious influence, depression, and oppression.

They had slogans like ‘new Sudan’ then finally South Sudan and all what they meant by this name is a country where all Sudanese citizens, Northerners and Southerners) have equal rights and opportunities but due to inequality our people of the south stood strong for their self-determination.

The journey to this great land has left thousand lives in deserts, bushes, rivers and in towns in times of war. Those who went to the bush knew that the battle would one day claim their lives but they knew their sacrifices will one day bring some changes to generation will follow them.

And today we have to remember them before we act or talk, we must think of how South Sudan became an independent country. It would have not happened easily if our leaders did not confidently beat their chests as strong men and women to fight for us.

The rights we wanted would have not succeeded if we had remained silent. Even if we happen to collect one bull from each family and give to Sudan peacefully in order to grant us equal right and opportunities, Sudan would not accept and that’s why we both used words and weapons to express ourselves to end marginalization.

Of course someone who has a right can win and God successfully answered the crying people of the land South Sudan. Here we are free at last.

Today, we have our own country and leadership. Are we now contented; is this the country we wanted? Are we free from economic, cultural, social and political problematic suffering?

We have reasons to say yes or no. But surely, we are now in our own country and what we lack now is progress. This is difference between the liberation out of oppression and development of the nation in presence of peace.

If we remained peaceful after our independence and work for development, then our country would then be compared with other world’s countries. But we are taken back to death of our innocent people and destruction of the nation.

Out of control, we have nothing to do again because we cannot rewrite or correct the past but we can change things today and plan to make tomorrow bright.

South Sudan needs hard workers and peace makers. According to you as an individual, what kind of South Sudan do we want? From me, it is a South Sudan that we are proud and patriotic as our identity, it is South Sudan  where young children get affordable and quality Education and a South Sudan where there are equal and multiple opportunities for everyone to work, earn money and get life basic needs.

The South Sudan we want is the one where leaders agree among themselves and wisely lead their people peacefully and successfully. Therefore, build for us the South Sudan we want.



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