The hosting of energy conference which the government plans for next month is one of the eye openers and comes to boost investment by both local and foreign players in the sector. It is most appropriate that each and everyone in the sector should take the lead to make this conference a success story for the country. It is an indication that outside world also appreciates government’s effort to restore peace in all parts that would lead to a boost in socio-economic development. All attention should now be directed along this line of thought and each sector should lead in wooing investors. Energy is a source of power while electricity is still being worked on. With the conference and the investors being wooed, there are possibilities that many areas will have adequate power to enable them operate 24/7 so that no sector is left behind in development. Apart from adequate power, there would be more production in oil field and gas which in turn would be a blessing to increased foreign exchange earnings. It has been demonstrated by deeds that this country can be a leading haven for peace in the region going by the past occurrences’. It should just remain steadfast in this direction and within a short period of time citizens would enjoy the fruit of their labour. Whatever we do or say peace must come first the entire nation to enjoy development activities. So many of these conferences should be encouraged and organized to help map out the country in the eye of the world and to enable it compete effectively within and outside the region. There should be goodwill from all parties and commitments. There must be an all-inclusive support to the leadership to achieve the laid down goal for the future of the country. No one should divert the attention of the citizens towards this.

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