The signed deal is now a reality

By Agar Mayor Gai

Since, the time when the peace deal was signed last year in the Sudan’s capital city, Khartoum, no one in this country has ever had a belief that somewhere in future, whatever was signed will ever come true.

We had it that it would be like the other signed and not implemented deals of this country and others.

But though, as I speak, our thought seems not to be true. This peace deal is a somewhat different one from the past deals.

There not happened a time in our country’s history when the opposition leader Dr. Riak Machar visited the the government for two times.

His two visitations are not just for a tour of the city that he has not stayed in for quite a long time but instead are very important in way that his group and the government use this time to discuss the ways of implementing whatever they signed last year.

They want to make sure that what happened in the year 2016 does not repeat itself.  However, if what they have discussed concerning the implementation and the formation of an interim government in this coming November brings a positive result then, that is if there happens formation of that government in the appointed time, the civil population of this country will forever have trust in the two leaders and their followers.

It is not an easy thing to win trust from someone but though, as a matter of much importance in our national service, this trust, just from what I have seen and felt , must by any means be developed and maintained among the two leaders and the civil population of this country.

We have, for long, not had this trust because right from the start and birth of this nation, we have never had the heart of working for all. Every person even as I speak would wish that we get from our oil and other source enters into his or her individual pocket.

This is still the nature of our people but hopefully, the soon to be formed government will have much to repair and make good use of our national funds.

This is what the agreement holds in its contents and if the signatories to the agreement do fail to make this live and active and then, we will have them to blame for whatever economic, political or social problem which befalls our nation and people.

The things which we have gone through in this nation both during the time of struggle and after, if stated, cannot fit in this column or the whole newspaper.

It is good that now, the almighty has pitied and felt bad our situation and this is why we have the meeting between the two leaders such that He uses them to find that which we have lost, to divide equally that which we put into our individual pockets, to forgive the brother whom we robbed of his property and to put to justice that case which we were bribed of. This is, if there happens no alteration, what the current meeting will try to solve.

We should just be hopeful and prayerful such that what we expect of the meeting becomes a reality and thereafter, we will move and do our things fairly and justly.Mayor Gai

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