The shocking figures of coronavirus victims since the wake of the pandemic in the world now surpass 4,000 in the country from April last year when the first case was identified. One might take it for granted but this figure should send some chilling concern down many spines. These figures should not be taken for granted because there could be more cases outside there which have gone untested. The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) has made it very clear that preventive measures must be maintained until such a time that they will blow the whistle for the doors to be opened. Right now, the face masks, washing hands, sensitizing and keeping social distance must be maintained at all costs.

Covid-19 is real and causing damages to globally. It is important for all to be put on alert against the pandemic and the notion that it is not there be made into reality that the pandemic exists in the country and the world over. The only thing to do is to obey the laws of the land and make preventive measures possible for every citizen. More care should be applied in the major entry points and thorough checks carried out continuously to avoid the spread of the pandemic into the country or simply stop the importation of the same through human traffic. The health of the country should not be compromised at any level because it is open secret the Covid-19 is killing people in millions globally. There could be hope of the vaccines being developed but when these will be available for use, particularly; the developing world seems to be a far dream. People have come to forget very fast the seriousness that the spread of coronavirus has caused and are going about their business as if nothing is on the ground. The truth is that Covid-19 is real and killing.

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