Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It is with great pleasure to have received notification of the intended “Journalists in solidarity with victim of flood” that the scribes plan to visit and donate to victims in flood affected areas is something to be proud of because for a long time now, the general public have not understood that journalists like others have feelings and are touched with some major national issues affecting the common-man. They have been assumed that such cases are only good for them when they are reporting them. Indeed it has been a wrong notion which should not be entertained. These combined efforts by Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) in partnership with CEPO are what should be nurtured to grow and bring clear and effective understanding to those who thought otherwise. As a wakeup call, all journalists should indeed come out in solidarity to contribute in readiness to the long-awaited journey to Bentiu and Tambura respectively to victims of natural and man-made crisis. Friends of the media should come out to see that the exercise was a success. Since helping a brother and sister is one of the cherished habits by Africans, it would lengthen and strengthen the relationship between the journalists and the public. This type of engagement should be encouraged to open up avenues that link the public with the higher authorities through the media. The shyness of be afraid of the media would be overcomed and matters that have not reached the authorities exposed for the good of the public. For UJOSS and CEPO, the journey that have been started should not end there. It should be expanded with people and institutions of the like minds be incorporated in this journey. I trust some members of the security organs who have been seeing the scribes as pure enemy would change their minds and start to understand the role journalists play is not only to inform, educated and entertain, but more, they were equally concerned by the negative plight of others. It may give them a chance to take and study a new life of life that they sometime ignore intentionally.For the country to develop effectively, all sectors and institutions must work together for the good of the general public. There is need of cooperation and collaboration by each other. Because the future right now is in our hands and we must make better for the next generation. Members of the public have equal rights to participate and support what would be beneficial to them irrespective of who the organizers are as long as it was done in good faith for their benefits. Right now the scribes should collectively join hands with the union to ensure only success for this noble cause of action to assist the victims of flood and those left without food and shelters in the affected areas. It will be appreciated at the end when they achieve success not for themselves but in the eyes of the general public

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