The Royal crew stars drop mix tape

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

The Royal crew stars of rappers and singers have dropped their mixtape containing twelve songs with educative rhymes.

Wine for me is one of the songs featuring Nappy Prince and vocalist YMO and is catching the waves of broadcasting stations in the country.

Wine for me is dance song telling the ladies to wine and have fun each time they are in the club or having fun.

The mixtapes have more love songs compared to any kind of music done in the country and Karasitmatic Onen, a member of the crew said that they were motivated by what happens in the community.

After observing that love is missing in the hearts of majority South Sudanese hence leading to fighting, the mixtape is to encourage people to love each other.

“Love is all we need in the community and the entire country, without love we cannot develop, all the problems we are facing is because we lack love”, said Onen.

Other songs in the mix tape include sika ta happiness, a song that clearly explains what people need to do in order to be happy in their day to day life.

Sika ta happiness features one amazing rapper known as Lil Ben whose poet structured rap flows keep driving people crazy.

“We cannot be happy in our lives if we don’t know what to do in order to be happy, it is just like going to heaven, if you don’t know the way to heaven, you cannot go there”, said Lil Ben.

Lil Ben revealed that his rap flow is influenced by the everyday life of the ordinary citizens in the country.

Poetess Lady Adit throws in some romantic Arabic flow into sika ta happiness hence driving the message clear to the youth.

Above all Salaam is one song originally done by Lil Been and with great message of unity, peace and love for the country.

Lil Been said that peace was the back bone for the country, emphasizing that without peace no development would be achieved in South Sudan.

The Royal Crew is proud owners of Bachelors of Degrees in different disciplines of life and they advised the youth to focus on school.

Be there, T.R.C, South Sudanese girl, True love, smile and concur are some of the lyrical content in the album.

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