The role of veterans in bringing peace

By Agar Mayor Gai

It is true that through the work of veterans, we are now an independent people. We are recognized by the whole world as people, who can make their own decisions and effect them without any external influence. In other words, we are now among the sovereign nations of the world because of the work done by the veterans. But though, the game seems unfinished.

In presence of these war veterans, we still fight for something less than a reason. We have forgotten that what the veterans were fighting for was worth something to fight for. They had a reason for pointing guns at the Arabs. But now, what two or three good reasons do we state to justify our fight? Power struggle, greediness and illiteracy, all these, no one in this nation being partial to any of them can accept them to be the reasons for the fight.

We claim to have been punished by the people we broke away from or that the cause of the fight was from an individual or a group of individuals who feel happy to see this nation fall into a pit where it does not even hear the feet of those walking on it.

However, it is not caused by the individuals as most people claimed. The reason for the fight is because the veterans have come with the fight back home. They never left the mentality of violence as a solution to political challenges from where it was supposed to be.

Violence should have been left in the bush with the veterans coming home with a new going forward ideology, a mindset that teaches the young generation the right ways to peaceful and prosperous people. This should have been the first work done by the veterans not fighting for power and creating bridges among the sixty four tribes of this country.

Now that a peace deal that aims at reconciling the ideas of our leaders is soon to have its roots in South Sudan, the veterans, both in government and retired ones, are to realize and make effective the duties of veterans. They should start denouncing violence and teaching the young people that, in those days violence had a good use, but now what it does is separating that which God has put together, taking lives of innocent brothers and sisters and lowering the economic and political status of your country like is has done in this nation of South Sudan.

They should be made aware that, in the house of violence, nothing positive has a room. All it accommodates is disunity, greediness and lawlessness. And all these, are not meant to be elements of a country that has a vision. A nation that aims at certain targets for her citizens does not tolerate anything that drags her back to failureness.  This should be the nature of our nation. Our nation, through the guidance of veterans, can set and effect goals which can bring permanent peace and prosperity.

This article should serves as a call to the veterans that if they do not guide, teach and denounce violence in this country, the young generation will still have violence in their minds as the only way of solving problems. They will still fight for political power and engulf the nation in wars that do not have any standing reasons.

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