The rise of robbers

By Akol Arop Akol

It is not the first time that civilians were robbed and their properties looted at night. Being unable to provide personal security made their nights scary. Most of the times night gangs commit crime and find escape routes. It’s mind-boggling as for how long civilians will continue facing insecurity threats.

With little to no means of self-defense, people continuously get their belongings forcefully taken, leaving them in want.

This night looting has become a daily trend instilling fear in residents, especially within Juba. A few days ago, gangs broke into a supermarket and carried away luxurious goods without being caught and again this week, it emerged that a government school has been looted.

Supiri Secondary School is well located because it is near to Amarat residence which is arguably one of the most secured places within Juba and, with SPLM House, UNICEF and Norwegian People’s Aids premises.

Some years ago, the same school was robbed at night. In the morning when students were about to hold an assembly, they realized the windows were broken, thieves got in and walked away with a collection of scholastic materials, including Television plasma.

The thieves were not found and none of the stolen items was recovered. The same happened in Juba Day where a computer lab was broken and a number of computers were stolen.

It makes one wonder what the school managements, the City Council and responsible security authorities are doing to stop these criminal activities that target learning institutions.

They seem to ignore or maybe not capable to protect the schools. Worst still, schools that are looted are not given any compensation for the losses incurred and no security is granted to prevent the repeat of the same criminal activity.

Like the so-called unknown gunmen running amok, the criminals targeting educational institutions are carrying on their injustices. Could they be a bunch of shallow-minded hustlers? Maybe, but no one knows.

What seems quite clear though is that, these people don’t know the values of education.

Don’t they want their children to go to school in future? Whether the answer is yes or something else, people ought to respect and value education because this is a tool anyone can use to dismantle the chain of poverty.

Robbing schools means destroying the future of young citizens and consequently the nation as a whole.  Instead of respecting and loving it as a charity place where they should come from different backgrounds to interact, learn hard work and get knowledge they blindly see it as a rich place with abundant resources to be looted.

Most of the schools have no well-built fences, gates are always open, others have paths passing inside where any stranger can move and observe the establishment of the school. The responsibility to beef up security is solely on a given learning institution and eventually third parties.

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