The Rejected Freedom

It is a right time for us to open our eyes and ears. Though we are not blind and deaf physically in terms of our bodies, we are spiritually, economically. We are sometimes incapable of viewing the current situation mentally and emotionally by figuring out the originations. We are the ones who created everything which turned on our necks now.  We lend down our ears to rumors and simply believed in them. We just grabbed any wrong information and applied which at the end hurt on others.

We are now seeing it with our own eyes. The fear of being attacked innocently by unknown robbers who have become hopeless and powerless due to economic crisis, the tribal mined people, the bribed gangs who illegally want to kill high class people because of their richness are now threatening the lives of people of South Sudan.

Who are the root causes? Even if the problems are created by strangers who are not our friends, then why did we trust and follow them. We thought that we were doing something right but we are now the victims of pain, fear and hunger which are spreading in the country like a bush fire.  Who will vow to help us when we are not willing to pull ourselves out?

We are the solvers? If we don’t want to transform and let the past go, we shall never escape the bondage with agony and death. If we keenly want to change, let us take our gone case as lessons for making corrections. We have experienced ill-treatments from where we were segregated and separated.

We talked and fought seriously such that our rights are granted. We wanted to be free from all what we described as discrimination in the country’s government which we left. Our freedom fighters had the intention of pursuing rights for their children to go to school, young graduates to get jobs, civilians to work in a free atmosphere. It is not a surprise that liberators survived on wild fruits and animals. They took dirty stagnant water and sometimes attempted to drink their urine to quench their thirst. Imagine the soldiers left their families and went to the bush to fight for the country but had ever returned back.  There were no salaries given to them at that time. It was only spirit of patriotism and nationalism that united those strugglers. They brawled slowly by slow until they achieved the goal in peace and unity as one people.

Have we forgotten their sacrifices that they offered because of us? We can get all the memories inform of songs, videos, written information and even learn from the remaining elders.

I don’t understand why we are scattered. We did not have tribalism and nepotism in the beginning but if it is happening now, we need to understand the reasons behind by comparing the present and the past. Time has come for this generation to think twice before taking another step otherwise the path is going to Hell.  We all took part in the liberation of this country and it is the time to remember the difficulties we have gone through for so long. Those who can hear and see know very well this immoral life.  No need for us to blame anyone else because we are the ones making complications.

Let us be sensitive to differentiate immoral and moral.  Let us stop insulting, hating and judging one another based on where we come from. A human must be judged according to his or her characters without offending background.  If we are to have the same hearts, we should fast and pray such that God cleanse our dirty hearts.

Fighting one another means that we are still looking for something different apart from what we demanded before in the North Sudan. The world is watching us. Is it not a big shame? Could a person take his animals to the forest and leave them there? The wild beast may eat them. Here are the people brought to promised land and they are still patient knowing they have strong shepherds. The leaders who defended their rights should continue caring for the people. The job is half done so it has to be completed. Leaders are the eyes of everyone in the country. They should provide services for the people such that they get treatment when sick, eat cheaply when hungry and study in affordable schools.

After all, they need to be reminded about the day freedom was permitted for them in order to rejoice.

Are South Sudanese proud now that they are free at last? It is now two years without independence anniversary. And we were informed that there is no budget for organizing and preparing the special day’s celebration.  I cannot blame the government or the noncombatants. We all the people of South Sudan are behind everything going on in our country.

According to me, the cancelation of the 9th July is due to insecurity (conflicts) and the economic crisis.

It does not make sense at all. Shifting particular important dates to another time or years is meaningless. 2016 and 2017 are the years of bad records.

We all need to make merriness but it is not the government alone that enjoys but the civil population especially young people should embrace jubilation.  The work of the government is to approve a budget and the officials go to address the gatherings with courage, and inspiring messages. Citizens need nothing much. They may spend the special day with empty stomachs but with hearts of pace and love. They would need to walk, talk, drink, eat, sing, dance and laugh in joyfulness.

We need to make correction such that bad history does not repeat itself again. Go as peace disciples and preach good news to everyone. Teach those who lost trust to come back and have faith once again in their country’s leadership.

If there is still continuation of fighting and increment of prices, there will never be stability. Without peace the same system of skipping anniversaries will continue to afoot. I think no one is pleased with avoiding of freedom from being celebrated. Stopping independence is a direct rejection of the freedom brought after 21 years of restless struggle. It is another way of showing that we don’t appreciate the liberators for their sacrifices. It also means we are not happy to be free in our own country.

Allow peace to dwell in your hearts because it is the only thing that will unify us all.

 The writer is a high school student reachable via: akol.akol49@gmail.com

By Akol Arop Akol

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