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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

A friend had invited me for quick lunch at the Juba University Staff Club. We decided to take a low key profile in one of the far-end tukuls. On the other far end there was a group of five young people, two ladies, and three gentlemen. Our attention was drawn to their talks which was cenetred on the recently formed Public Service Recruitment Board. They were arguing on whether the board would be of any use to them and others who had graduated before them. It was a heated topic with some of them trying to calm the situation by suggesting that the new body had not taken off the ground and should be given a chance to come into being and prove that it could be trusted to employ qualified graduates who were roaming the streets of the city. These were the youth who had been to universities and were grouping to discuss their future. They were sure that the board would not solve their unemployment problems going by the history that the government was the single largest most employer at the moment. They were thinking on how to create employments to themselves and their colleagues. They had tried their hands on several projects and wrote several proposals but very little if nothing was coming their ways. They were hoping beyond hopes that with peace investors would be knocking the doors to set up opportunities for employments and even go further to avail funds for the youth to start own businesses. These youth were so sure that the only opening was to go out and create for themselves employments. They had to start their own creations and work towards improving them. There was no shortcut and the journey they were embarking on was a grueling one which could only be won by being patient and honest to the move. I was impressed because for one l like to empower the youth to do the right thing at the right time. I believe in one creating one self’s destiny which should not be pegged or bent on white collar-job only. These young men and womenwere so full of ideas which could propel them to the next level if put into use properly and if nurtured with upper-most take of the time. My time was running out but my friend was not in any hurry to leave. I decided to leave him but he told me that his next appointment was to go and see the man in whose docket gave birth to the recruitment board and find out more on how this new found would be working to save the unemployment situation in the country and if there could be some incentive to the youth who would like to go it solo by creating their own employments. He would find out more details and let me know how we could go about venturing into other avenues which were meant to support and improve the well-being of the youth.

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