Trusted and certified banking system is what is expected by the public. The tendency of appointing and sacking the banks governors may not be a possible solution. The government need to keenly make an eye opener into the issue of correcting the problems facing the banking system in the country. It is seemingly suppressing to note another removal of the central bank governor within a short period of time. Before any appointment of such nature, let there be a thorough studies and scrutiny to sincerely identify whoever is supposed to head the government’s key parastatal.

The country cannot have swift changes in the bank as this is one of the technical place which keeps the country’s financial system. It is the treasury which is supposed to be exemplary to other banks in the country. If the main treasury cannot be a good custodian of the country’s resources then the nation is likely to run out of reserves.

As the country is witnessing such changes, when shall there be a steady monetary stability which could give the citizens to put trust in work of the central bank? The leadership of the central bank shouldn’t keep on changing. Otherwise the ordinary people will definitely loose trust. This is one of the case which might have made some members of the public to resort on keeping money in their houses. The issue trending at the moment in the country is the weak financial system which is required to be studied and corrected once and for all. How can the nation at this time of economic crisis still have multiple changes within a short period?  The Economic crisis management Committee earlier formed to study the economic  tantamount in the country stated that the nation has weak financial system as such certified people are needed to fix the such challenges existing today.

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