The proposed new security mechanism from IGAD member states military experts

Press Release

The IGAD Council of Minister meeting dated 10th November 2019 in Ethiopia –Addis Ababa on endorsement of the South Sudan Parties communique on resolving the critical pending tasks of the pre-transitional and the extension of the pre-transitional period for more 100 days has called for urgent establishment of mechanism compose of Senior Military experts from IGAD members state to help South Sudan security mechanisms to implement the critical pending tasks of the pre-transitional period. Community Empowerment for Progress Organization welcomes the proposal on the formation of the mechanism. This new security mechanism should be focus on handling matters of political will for implementing the pending security tasks including funding of the security mechanism

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO said the new security mechanism compose of the senior military experts from IGAD member states should have clear term of reference to avoid clash of tasks and responsibility with CTSAMVM and RJMEC including the other security mechanisms or institutions. The mechanism mandate and TORs should focus on elements of supplementing or complementing the existing security arrangements implementation institutions and mechanisms. This new mechanism should be free from regional members state double standards games. Because any double standard game from a single member state is like to weaken the mechanism

Assigning gender advisor including the mechanisms upholding the agreed upon affirmative action of at least 35% of its members is essential and nonnegotiable. Absence of female member or gender advisor among the new security mechanism will be a great for undermining women roles in peace and security including security sector reform. Therefore we are demanding presence of senior female military experts from the regional to be among the new security mechanism experts. Mr. Yakani stressed

Finally, CEPO is urging IGAD to act speedy on forming the new security mechanism from the military experts from IGAD member states.                     

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