The problems of the youths

By Akol Arop Akol

I cannot get tired of writing about social affairs or become silent, I must talk about the life of the young people provided that I still share the same age and problems with them which makes me concerned to speak out through pen to raise their issues for public attention. Young people in this country are seeing other youth of neighboring nations at least having access to the basic needs and rights which includes Empowerment and equal employment in Job opportunities, right to go to school with affordable fees and good teaching for them to acquire knowledge, know their rights to participant in communities and country affairs equally without limitation or restriction because of their age, gender or ethnicity. Some of the major problems includes the following:

Poor education which I cannot talk about so much because it’s already eminent that schools are few, teachers are not well paid on time and that’s why they lay down tools often, no libraries or laboratories in secodary school, vocational trainings among other knowledge acquiring processes. Poor education is the reason why students finish but cannot use acquired Knowledae for anything good. Lack of practicals, cheating examinations and lack of development of talents which can be turned into careers are the descriptions of poor education system.

Lack of jobs: Not every young person is lazy, some are trying but they don’t know where to start and end. If no uncle to do connections no supportive parents to help with a capital

It becomes hard for them to put their ideas into reality Lack of jobs is the reason why many resort to drinking drugs and robbery of civilians properties for survival Tribalism and nepotism? In order to unite the youth they must be treated as equal and brought together by leaders brothers and sisters of one community of South Sudan, but many politicians gain power, resources and popularity by dividing

the youth and they are made to see others from another ethnicity as competitors or rivals

They should be taught and transformed to positively unite and work together for their better South Sudan. One way of transforming is engaging them in leadership and business sectors as equal. If given leadership skills, they will be better prepared to lead people with fulfilment of services delivery. If they cannot be give money, they should be given legal rights, skills and tangible resource to improve their living.

Strange cultures worsened by poor economy: There are strange cultures which young people are adapting nowadays and they are so quick in practicing them. Culture of commercialized relationships theft, bad dressing with bad manners, lack of respect. lack of vision are new cultures affecting them. The first failure in life is moving anyhow without knowing what one is after. What to struggle to have, where to go to, who to be with and kind of a person one needs to become in the future are the aspects of vision. However, many youths have no clue of what they want, they are not even sure of who they are and their abilities because they are not empowered.

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