The predicament of a journalist in line of duty

It was on Tuesday 5th June 2018 when I was assigned to go and cover the event in which UNMISS was donating cars to Jubek State Government.

I went direct to the Secretary General and told him why I was there. He told me to sit and wait for some minutes.

He then went out and when he came back he told me UNMISS and the Government were in a meeting so I should wait.

I then waited for about 10 minutes he told me they were already handing over the cars so I could go to the scene.

I immediately left for the scene and I found they were of course standing in front of some cars talking.

I began taking pictures and immediately someone touched my back and asked who I was. I told him I was from Juba Monitor. He again asked me who told me to come here. I told him I had been sent by my media house to cover this event.

He said no I was there by mistake.

He then dragged me to the office and told me to erase pictures I had taken.

As I was deleting, another person came in a police uniform and told me to leave the camera with them then come for it after the feast of Eid el Fitr.

Immediately the third person arrived in non-uniform telling me UNMISS said the event was not to be published in the media so I should just delete those photos I took and go away with all my things.

When I was about to leave, they subjected me to thorough search. They found recorder in my pocket. Then the other one said I should prove to them that I did not record any audio.

I switched on the recorder and played the first truck to them then they freed me.

This is what happened to our officially assigned reporter to cover the Jubek State event through official invitation. Someone needs to tell the public why the reporter was subjected to such treatment.

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