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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

This post was sent to me yesterday afternoon by my family to read. I have decided to share it with you because of the message which l also wanted to understand and may be to put a smile in someone’s face. He was very sick. His friends took him to the hospital. He was admitted and the doctor advised him to run series of tests including HIV

to ascertain what the problem was. Malaria and typhoid tests came back positive that same day. While they were expecting the other test results, the doctor started treating malaria and typhoid. As he was recovering very fast, the HIV test result came and it was also positive. The doctor broke the news to him. He was devastated and broken.

Within hours, all his body systems broke down. He couldn’t eat and he couldn’t sleep. Within one week, he emaciated seriously to the extent he couldn’t walk by himself again. Then something dramatic happened after two weeks. The lab discovered that they made a mistake with the results. They had swapped his sample with another person’s own. He is HIV – negative. The doctor got the news and summon the courage to break the news to the patient. *Doctor: * Sir, we are sorry *Patient: * For what doctor? *Doctor:* There was a mistake with your blood sample submitted for the HIV test. *Patient:* What do you mean doctor?  *Doctor:* They discovered you are HIV – negative.  *Patient:* What! Are you serious, doctor? *Doctor:* Yes sir! We are very sorry. The guy that couldn’t walk for days, jumped out of the bed and started running around the ward in excitement. Everyone in the hospital was shocked at the scene. What happened? What changed? Where did the strength come from? *The power of the mind.**We live and die first in our minds. **We are poor first in our minds.**We are rich first in our minds.**We are failures first in our minds*. *We are successful first in our minds.* *You can’t become in life what you have not become in your mind.*

Train your mind and heart to be positive and progressive-minded. JUST A REMINDER. *”Buy one – get one free *It may be a marketing gimmick.* *But it is true in real life in many sense and ways.* *We buy anger and get high blood Pressure free.* *We buy jealousy and get headache free.* *We buy hatred and get ulcer free.* *We buy stress and get heart diseases, liver diseases, stroke and diabetes free ( many options)…and so on.**Conversely,* *If we buy trust, we get friendship free.* *If we buy exercise, we get health free.*

*If we buy peace, we get prosperity free.**If we buy honesty, we get a good sleep and many great virtues for free.**If we buy positivity, we get hope free.**It is for us to decide what we want to buy in life, as whatever we buy in life….the life automatically gives us something free🎁 with it*Nice one for the week make sure you bless someone

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