The power of remembrance

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

It is noted clear that life is full of events and happenings that we simply have to go past but truthfully, these old memories live to guide and tell us of how we have improved or not our living conditions as individuals and for the whole country as well. This accounts for the reasons of setting aside certain days such as of worship and independence and so on, writing books and often times, orally narrating to the young how life was a few years past. By remembering the day of worship, we remind ourselves of great work manifested in us and beyond by the heavenly creator. And as for our independence day in this country, it reminds us of hardships and burdens that our people carried on their necks for decades in the hands of foreign people. And to make the matters worse, we are reminded on that day, 9th of July every year that, in this blessed land given to us by the creator of heavens and earth; we lived miserable and forlorn lives.

How would one imagine this phenomenon of suffering in your own land?  It is worth remembering and filtering. I wonder why, in this country, we tend to forget even things that we should not. We have much to repair if peace, unity and prosperity be the ultimate goals of every sector in this country. The truth is remembering that this freedom we claim to have, has claimed more lives than we can think. Who can count the number of people who died of hunger, raped and later committed suicide, imprisoned for life, stung by snakes in the bushes and those who were shot dead in the battle fields by the Arabs? All kind of people and tribes of this South Sudanese country had at least felt the harsh behavior of our fellow creatures in the North.

However, how we managed to attain the little freedom as for now, ought to be recalled and honored by all of us. In doing so, the young people get a chance of working harder to improve their country’s economic, social and political bonds. Which position in our minds will corruption, tribalism and nepotism take up if we all know that the same factors led to the hardships and sufferings of our people not so many years past? If the fight against the Arabs though, was reasonably based on the same factors, how do we find ourselves acting them publicly without any shame? It is only that we have no citizen population to sue the people doing these acts because corruption, nepotism, religious discrimination (the current issue of restricting Sabbath keepers in worshipping and exercising their faith) and tribalism ought to be a taboo in this country such that anyone who practices them faces the right justice.

The fact that it is the same people who once upon a time fought against them who are now the partakers of promoting corruption, nepotism, tribalism and religious discrimination is an indication that most of us have forgotten why and how we attained the freedom and independence. Otherwise, if so not, love, transparency, fair usage and distribution of national funds, unity and eventually national prosperity would have been the central factors to our South Sudanese livelihood. If so not though, individual people would not put in to their pockets the national funds and later faced not any justice; they walked away without being asked of where the money is or if used, what they have done with it.

It can be rightly concluded that the current happenings in the national government are a reiteration of the old days’ actions; the ones which caused the fight with Arabs. We have failed to recognize that the same actions led to loss of lives at certain time not so far from now. The power of remembrance is surely not available in us.

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