Odongo Odoyo

Editorial Commentary

By Loro Louis Yugu (Guest)

The police should often remain alert to curb any possible violence that could be perpetrated by the so-called niggers during this festive season. Although the Christmas was celebrated peacefully as reported by the police authorities, there was a pocket of incidences involving different groups of boys in Sherikat area of Gumbo where two people were reportedly killed. There was also a case of killing in Bulluk where a man was shot dead at the De Space Lounge and that a 65-year-old man was also killed in Torit town.

This implies that a number of incidents might have not have been reported in Juba or in some states. As the New Year celebration is at the door, the citizens of this country will be happy to celebrate without hearing any case of violence or killing. However, the police this time has done a tremendous job by arresting some of those involved in crime activities. Some areas in Juba have been disturbed before Christmas Eve. The police were able to arrest three prime suspects of the armed gangs who looted six houses in Kasire area of Rejaf West just in one night and took several valuables. I hope investigations are still ongoing and the culprits will be brought to book for justice to prevail.

The niggers are a real menace to peaceful celebrations in most of the residential areas of Juba. Most of them are young boys mixed with some few notorious girls who have failed to live according to the norms and cultures of South Sudanese. In most cases, this group of young people disorganize any organized function. In this regard, the police should keep an ‘Eagle Eye’ on their activities during the New Year celebrations.

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