A foot for thought

The peace team is welcome to Juba

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday it was published in the newspapers that there was an advance team coming to Juba to make necessary arrangements for the coming of Johnson Olong and Simon Gatwech for the Kitgwang movement. The information further said the main aim of this team was to ensure that necessary security arrangements for Agwelek and Kitgwang forces be unified alongside SPLM-IG forces as agreed and to pave way for the return of the leaders home.

It was not clear when the leaders of those parties are coming and the date for the peace talks was not mentioned, maybe for security reasons. I hope what was mentioned in the report will take place and South Sudan is going to realize total peace in the coming months.

They said,” enough is enough for war in the country”.   Those words mentioned by them were promised to the people of South Sudan. There is no return back to the bush, if it happens, God will not be happy with the group. It was easy to say we came for peace but implementation is another problem with our politicians.

This time let them be serious and move forward with a peace accord and remain in the country not to go back to the war zones.  Anything done contrary to a peace deal is to be accounted upon them. The people of South Sudan cannot continue living in the war for the rest of the coming years.  We had experienced a lot of distractions during those years of conflicts, which was not yet recovered.

 However, we cannot continue living in the same manner for the sake of peace in this country.  Peace is to come from the hearts of people who are peacemakers.  You cannot be a peacemaker if you are not a peace lover. The two goes together and they cannot be separated. It needs sacrifices from everyone who loves his country and people.

I wish good talks from the team and let them finalize everything in a peaceful way.  

May God bless us all.

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