The parcel is dispatched while the receiver is on run

This boy sometime amazes me, this time he was talking in parables. This oldman called my grand-pa has sent a parcel and this parcel will be returned back to sender on arrival. This grand-pa is convinced that my current better-half had been with me far too long without bearing any fruit my grand-pa would name after him. He was sending this parcel to probably have or achieve his wishes. This man was making me go nuts at this time when even imagining taking care of one single mouth was not a bed of roses. I reminded him that one and single meant the same thing where l come from. That was SaTP who was so pissed off with his unknown to us, grandfather who had threatened to dispatch to him a second wife through emissaries or escort to the heart of the city where his grandson lives. This was going to be a test case for SaTP. He has a young wife although God has not blessed them, but to have another wife through his grandfather at this time when it is not pocket friendly to almost everyone in the world. We live in a borrowed time and it is important that one makes use of that time appropriately. This may be the case in waiting for SaTP. He could be living on a borrowed time to give out to his grandfather what was rightly given to him free by his creator. The issue found us engrossed on another burning front. One of our writers had touched on one of the major corporate in the country. When these men of the corporate called, it was not to be a bed of roses for us. It was time to gear for the David and Goliath battle and who won was to be determined by the approach given to the conclusion. The battle line had been drawn and soldiers paraded and armed to the hilt. They were only waiting for the whistle for the march forward to meet in the battle field. The time was now and we were not going to take more insults not from anybody or anywhere. This is what we stand for the truth and the truth shall set all of us free.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

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