The pains of abandoned land

By Ngor Khot Garang

Many of us have traveled to USA or China and some of us have their families or children there. We have seen how those countries looks like; the good roads, electricity, hospitals, and a good number of buildings. The high life expectancy and value for human and animal rights. If one was unlucky to have accidently knocked a dog, he was bound to face laws or life imprisonment. Life is enjoyable there and when someone is in one of these countries, he/she feel important because everything is indisputably awesome and words like wow and congratulations becomes your favorite English words that express your happiness for the work well done by this people. You will even after returning home labored harder not for the betterment or the development of your native land but to get some good money to buy one of the best bungalows in one of those beautiful countries because the place is perfect and lively while you use your homeland, the country that has shed the blood of millions as a ground for playing your political games and when the going is tough you run to one of these countries where you can feel safe and championed the campaign there that if the government does not give you a position, you are not going to come back home and even worse you do not let the thought of the poor caged in your web cross your mind. You watch people suffering on the screen of your television and you even become happier. I pity you and I don’t know if the creator of the universe would really forgive you for the wrongs you have done for the country you claimed to have love. What kind of love is that? If really you love this country, power and influence over others should have not been your primary focus. A true leader in my own perspective is someone who is pained by the suffering of others, the one who even when no one is watching would try his/her very best to see others living the life they deserve, even in your own heart, when you think of how to make others happy. God will make you not a leader but a king in your own rights. When the war broke out in 2013, the world was astounded that how the young nation could achieve her independence and before tasting the fruit decided to shed her own blood? The giver of life was more perplexed and He regretted having stood with us during the liberation struggle up till our independence. It is no hidden truth that those who survived during the struggle didn’t make it because of their own magical powers, it was God who covered them to teach the young generations that war is bad and the troubles that come with it are very devastating. We are now teaching them how to fight. What are we fighting for? Why can’t we be tired of always seeing blood and tears? Has life become something that should be wasted like money, oh no even money can be saved for tomorrow. Now what is the meaning of denying someone the right to live when you too want to live? Many wars have been fought, not civil wars but world wars that lasted for years. When the towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombarded during the world war second and thousands perished, the Japanese government surrendered and said it was enough because it was going to cost thousand more death to retaliate since they were concerned with the lives of their people. Now people have embarked on intellectual warfare and technology is advancing every single minute, people are moon the moon, mars and we are busy carrying heavy loaded guns looking for who to kill when we know in our hearts that what we are doing is not going to help us. May the good Lord forgive you when you face Him during the judgment day.

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