The order has been given let fuel be available to all

It is with relief that something is happening or will happen soon in the transport sector which had been a thorn in our flesh with the increment of public transport in most parts of the country. President Kiir has ordered a crack-down on illegal fuel dealers. This order will be implemented by a committee comprising of major public organs which should ensure constant availability of fuel in the petrol stations pumps. People have been waiting for such action to be taken by those charged with the management of fuel or petrol industry but nothing tangible had been achieved. We are asking why should those responsible not take charge and ensure the availability of fuel in the country. Why would they have to wait for the President to give them order to do their work? The President has a lot in his hand and this is why he appoints people in key position to assist in managing different sectors. The leadership must have been heartily touched by the plight of many citizens facing high transport costs at a time when the country is also faced with serious economic shortfall. The order has been given and we hope those entrusted to carry it out will do their work diligently and save many from exploitation with high costs of transport and unavailability of fuel in the open market. It goes far and beyond to know who is really behind the illegal fuel deals. They are not the mamas, children or the sandal wearers on the roadside that are involved. There are some well to do people behind all these and maybe are known to some people in authority. It cannot be ruled out that some may be colluding with petrol station owners or even public institutions to continue the illegal business. President Kiir has now smoked out the bees from the nest. Let his people harvest the honey through this committee which is mandated to give 72 hours ultimatum to illegal dealers to abandon their practice. It is the only sure way fuel will be available to all needs.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


I like referring to one song by the late Jim Reeves that “this world is not my home l am just passing through’ critically listened to, the song has a rich message to the yesteryear, current and the next generation. It is a tell-telling message of hope in the next world or archive. This time around l was there thinking how and why this man, the legend, who passed on in 1964 aged 40 years, chose to compose a song like this which was full of reality and truth. It came to me that l was going through some news item, one where President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace confessed that some of her sons were so unruly that they prefer guns for toys although they are big boys and of an incident where they were forced or literally kicked out of an apartment by the landlord in South Africa for being eyesore and trouble-makers. Mrs. Bob was talking from the mother’s point of view and could detect in her statement that she had given up hope on her own children. She is a mother without future hope in her children. This world indeed is not home for Mama Grace after struggling to see these children grow up into adulthood. This world is not my home if you compare the case of the Mugabe and that of young 16 years old Nada; and his sister Talia, 12 years old and another younger brother, all now refugees in a neighboring country. Life was good until one day when they came back for their usual lunch break; they found their parents, father and mother killed in their home during the conflict. The two took their only surviving sibling with them on a long unknown journey which brought them to the other part of the world. They were running from unknown to unknown. But somewhere, God was with them. Although painfully remembering how their parents perished, they have found a home somewhere but still long to be back in the country to participate in its development when they grow up. How can we relate the two incidents? In this world we are not the same except in the eyes of our God.  I was far away when my or our common friend SaTP arrived with open mouth that he had hit the jackpot and was going to buy his own plane, actually, jet. He was so loaded that he did almost invite us for five course lunch. Mark the word “almost”. He was in high spirit and we wanted to know whether he had discovered a goldmine somewhere. He looked at us and instead of answering straight, he asked us back. Is the Juba City Council doing anything about stray dogs roaming the streets of the city and if so what are they doing? We were lost because there was no relevancy between the first two incidences with stray dogs in the city center. Was this a tip or the goldmine our friend had discovered. We were now left yapping and gapping since SaTP took to his heels going to pay a courtesy call to none other than His Worship the Mayor of Juba City. We remembered that this world is not our home…

Editorial 27th July 2015

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