Land issues have always been handled like a glass by the government and it has reached a point where the government should look back and a call it a complete tragedy. Of course, the land belongs to the Communitiesbut it is the role of governments to guide community in allotting land to the citizens not individuals putting on the big shoes. The irony of this is that there is no land law that guides the people in land distribution. The government should put in mind that, is a natural right of every South Sudanese to have land irrespective of his or her state the country belongs to us all anyone should have a right to acquire land anywhere by following the right procedure. If land issue has become a curse as it is, then the government and communities should work hand in hands in surveying land. This will never give the land grabbers the chance to cheat people. The government must be actively involved because the city needs to grow. In this matter, people need land not from an authorizes individuals but from the right authority.

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