Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

There comes a time when a spade must just be called a spade. Something is not right that booty of more than 100,000 USD which was found from one person trying to cross the border at Nimule point sent a chilling questions down spine of many people. This is a single catch from a single person. It is not disputed that the man could have been a genuine and honest businessman as we are being made to believe, but the timing and why not use official channels available for such transaction. Could it have been a coincident to concurrently occur with the arrest of more than 20 people suspected to be dollar dealers in Juba? The suspect booty carrier must be free now just like the 20 people who are now out on bail. How a sweet coincident to come just when the USD had shop to the skies and was almost reaching 100 mark. The panic and the price hike of basic commodities cause cannot be compared with anything ever seen in the country. Yes there have been crisis but this one which seems to have been man-made surpasses all others and it was within a short time. Lesson learnt is that people must be careful when uttering words that could be shared by members of the public. They should know the effect of their utterance could cause if not well presented in the public domain.  It is good that the government had to move fast with correct version to quell down the panic which was almost spreading like bush fire. What remained is for the security organs to guard to the hill border points where people are crossing and which the illegal operators are likely to use. One more thing which would ensure safety monitoring is the ability to remain patriotic to the country and do the work you are given or assigned diligently. Corruption and breaking the law of the country should not be seen to be at play in all situation of safeguarding the interests of the country at all levels. The money netted from the border crossing man whose actual figure is given as 105,000 USD should be properly accounted for by the man himself and if it is found that he had floated the laws of the land, should seriously accountable because this is one area that encourages “money flight or laundering” It happened when the government was deeply fighting to bring to normalcy the economic situation that had dwindled due to the fall in the oil prices worldwide and the emergence of coronavirus. It cannot be taken for granted and if one such an incident happened then there must be others that have happened silently. The only hope is to rely on security organs who have the interests of the country at heart and who would stand out to ensure that no capital or money flight was allowed within and around the borders.

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