The Nilepet rumble: already eleven candidates eyest op job

By James Atem Kuir

Since the sacking of Nilepet boss, Bol Ring Muorwel, a number of potential candidates have been restless, earnestly lobbying for the lucrative position of Managing Director of the national Oil and Gas Company.

Over the past four days, the number of candidates eyeing the vacant top seat have increased to eleven following the sacking of Mr. Muorwel who, according to online based news outlets, welcomed his removal and appreciated President Kiir for the opportunity and trust vested upon him to serve as company’s managing director.

Mr. Muorwel whose 13-month-long reign had been fraught with accusations of corruption, mismanagement and nepotism, was firedin a presidential decree read on the South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) Thursday evening.

President Salva Kiir did not immediately name the successor to Mr. Muorwel resulting in what appears to be a hot scramble ever for the top job which has seen bosses come and go rather early in recent years.

Sources had it that a new Managing Director -whose name will remain anonymous for now -was due for appointment last Saturday but was halted due to “heavy interference” from some political forces in the country power base.

The race for Nilepet Chief has also extended to social media with many posters – including those campaigning for Mr. Muorwel reassignment- recommending their suitable candidates for appointment.

According to unverified media reports, the national oil company has since its establishment been managed by officials including Dr. Bullen Ajith, Mangok Khalil, Paul Adong Bith and Joseph Cleto.

Others include Machar Aciek Ader, James Thelweng Mathiang, Dr. Chol Deng Thon Abel and Eng.Bol Ring Muorwel.

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