Goodbye 2021 and welcome 2022.

Robin SABAN UPF Peace Ambassador. robinsaban@hotmail.com

What’s your new year’s resolution?

It is always good to have a new year’s resolution or even two resolutions. If you have never had a new year`s resolution in the past and if this is new to you, welcome aboard. Why not make this a habit for yourself, your family, or make it a fun game for your kids?

This well-known habit is a good way for anyone to start dreaming and set goals for the new year.

It is always better to have a couple of resolutions so that if you cannot achieve one you will give yourself the chance to achieve the other one that you made.

Be colorful about your resolutions and use your imagination, even though they might sound silly or non-realistic, it will motivate you to broaden your horizon and help you with how far you can go in your creativity.

The resolutions aren’t meant to be big or small, they are just a step forward in your life to start something new and experience the journey of your creativity as well as to discover your strengths and abilities.

If you want, you can share your new year’s resolution with others or keep them to yourself until you have achieved one.

Even this will put you in a La La Land. So what, go crazy, fly as high as you can, because the sky is the limit. Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you will land on the stars as they say.

Everything starts with imagination and this will give you motivation. The next step is visualization, the step after this is the formulation, then starts the process of realization. In the end, it is a total joy with complete satisfaction.

You don’t even need to think that all of the above is just a joke. It is not a joke, it is real. Just try the process; you will see the result.  

With that in mind, I wish each and every one of you, your family, and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Stay safe and sound

See you next year.

Robin Saban

UPF Peace Ambassador. 

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