The new eac logo with our common friend behind it

That the East African Community (EAC) has released 25,000 USD locally for re-designing of the new logo after the admission of South Sudan in the regional block caught our eyes as we sat with my colleagues, the chief designer and his assistant. We were discussing how they could participate and how we could help one another get the contract of designing the work. What with the scarcity of the precious USD in the market and in the banks to be precise. We were thinking of how to jump one step ahead of others and ensure the work came our way. But something kept on nagging me personally. Our intended move borders on influencing someone to give us the job. This is what is called corruption and l did not want anything to do with it. My feeling remained with me when SaTP appeared in the scene. He overheard our conversation and was interested. His was to introduce our team to the right person who will ensure we get the contract and be able to be paid the 25,000 USD. By any standard this is a lot of Kwacha or loot. But considering how many people were expecting the cut and what would remain for the actual person doing the job, remained something to ponder about. It was not going to be easy for us to share the loot and leave the workman with enough for materials even if it was from his mind and brain. SaTP was quick to come to the point that tools of trade to be used were properly placed in the work-place and the workman or men were already on payroll, so the cash had to be divided equally. It was as easy as that since he was the one who was going to do the donkey work by introducing the team to the right-man at the right time and right place. The right man would also have his cut. This cut thing was going too far and this was the result of many employees misusing their offices to gain favor or do work-outside their scope, stealing the employers time. This in itself, we told SaTP, was high class corruption punishable and rated as capital offence. He was not moved until we repeated the word corruption and that his ideas were doomed to lead us all into ghetto. I did him to start his journey to this far alone and leave us alone. Corruption is corruption even if you baptize it with what name.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

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