The nature of some students

 By Akol Arop Akol

From the article of Saturday, I am still on the University issue and we have to know it is important for us to discuss issues related to the institution. The part of today is nature or behavior of some of the University students, students have been criticized that they have misbehaving and misunderstanding this academic place, some of them are said to have brought the old cultures or traditional beliefs in the university. Some are politically fighting for the interests of people who send them.

Many people who are familiar with them said, there have been records of violence or strikes done by students within the university for the past years. The historical events of protests are believed to have been left covered “without investigation’’ what angered students wasn’t understood, does it mean that it is because no one cares about their issues or because their problems are results of lame accuses!

I am talking not to judge but to clarify that the students protests have causes but there are triggering  events that fuel the situation but because no one since the genesis wants to listen to them and solve their problems. Most strikes that happened within the campus were carried out by students who are complaining about increment of school fees. I don’t understand whether there are duties of student leaders or body called “student union’’ which comprises of different students of various colleges to act as mediators between University administration and the entire students. Could someone say they are not supportive when their fellow students have complaints to be addressed?

In the previous part of this article, I said University is for diversity, meaning it is a home for all. It is a place where tribalism, selfish-political interest, corruption and nepotism should be put apart and one embraces the other fellows with whom they are studying together for similar goals for a better future of their families, communities and the country in general.

Unlikely, I am still wondering why some groups in this university resort to strikes instead of peaceful negotiation together with administration. For many years there have been stories of protests within the school which at the end led to suspension of lectures and students being suspended or dismissed or even closure of the University. The cause of strikes are rooted from increased tuition fees. Once there is an increment, the students seem to run into protest before the peacefully raising their concern to student union as their voice. Many have said young students politicians within the campus are the ones mobilizing innocent students and handle issues politically rather than academically.

It is also believed that whenever there is a protest, students control the campus, they angrily break properties e.g. glasses of the windows, chairs and throwing stones everywhere with intention to harm anyone who tries to discourage their protest. Am not a witness of any strike but I have heard stories of destroyed properties in the University.

On the day when strike happened, I had a short discussion with fellow students whose lectures were suspended and one said “if students are angered with administration, why would they break properties that are innocent?’’ is there any sense in properties non-living things (properties) or equipment that are used for learning? It means people of such behavior don’t want a future for the country and generations that may come through University of Juba. The University is for diversity therefore, it should not be destroyed, if some is not happy with the system of University, then must peacefully sit with the administration of University and students union to find properly solutions.

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