Muslims started celebrating the Eid Al-Adha on Tuesday by calling for peace to prevail in the country. The event celebrated worldwide brings togetherMuslimfaithful to cherish and share with others particularly, the less fortunate. Peace is what they are calling for so that each individual could go about doing their businesses. One thing which came out of the celebration is the issue of insecurity. A number of the Muslim communities have ran away to other countries for fear of the past crisis. The call for peace means that the government should not relent in the fight against insecurity and should not give a chance to another crisis to be witnessed like it happened in the past. It is true that every citizen need to have peace to be able to go about their daily chore without worry. It is the unity government that must bring the confidence to the common-man and nothing would prevent them from their work to develop their lives and the country at large. A series of banditry and criminal activities are still being witnessed in some parts of the country where killing by cattle raiders are common. Unknown gunmen are so common that some areas are out of bound to the public for fear of being attacked. While security has been beefed up in these areas, there still persist a number of cases that need to be looked at with the aim of restoring peace in all parts of the nation. There is nothing permanent including insecurity which made some citizens ran away. The call by the Muslim community for them to come back and help build the country is timely since peace is being felt although still not complete as would be the normal requirement in the country.

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