The action announced by the Ministry of Petroleum to audit the impact of pollution in the oil-fields is a welcome move which should have been initiated long time ago.

But better late than never, there have been reported cases of pollution effects on human beings and animals.

Some children have been born deformed and coloured without proper background. The ministry should take bold and effective steps to ensure that oil companies operating in these locations adhere to the oil production regulations and not to harm members of the general public through pollution and other forms of by-products.

The new minster seems to be taking queue from the complaints raised by the general public. This is the only way to ensure safety and to minimize the risk of toxic effects. The ministry should be able to work closely with the like minds and key players in the oil production industry.

Companies that are not adhering to the required operation standards should not be spared but be brought to book within the laws.

The health and life of people cannot be compromised because of money. They should be protected and be made to believe that they belong to and are not fence sitters.

Some oil companies have abused their responsibilities and mandates that they need to be thoroughly audited and placed where they belong.

The government should go right into the books and impose heavy fines for the firms, which do not follow the required procedures and are dangerous to human beings.

It is time the new minister brings back order and discipline in the oil industry. His gesture to airlift the victim of the suspected case of pollution and his parents to Nairobi should be commended but that is not be the solution. There must be checks and balance and a stop to uncontrolled discharge of toxic affluent to human habitats.

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