The morality of leadership and the affairs of the state

By: Isaiah T. Dokuach

When talking about the mandate of leadership morality in the concept of state’s affairs in terms of managing, directing and leading the state in the principality of certainties of justice, transparence and stability; basically on the authoritative beam of the law of the land, it means the execution or maintenance of rules, policies and decision-making is prudently through strategic and mechanical methods in recognition to the will of the people including land’s domestic living organism, the  ecological systems.

Morality leadership is valid for recapitulation or recycle process in daily life basis in regard to the law of the nation-the Constitution for amendment, evaluation, investigation and revetment over critical issues that facing citizens of the state of their basic rights  such as, forced marriage, illegal marriage…abortion, raping, commercial sex outside love, outrageous crimes, mass illiteracy and lack of food security as well as lack of shelter and ultimately, the absence of security law in governmental institutions which denies the capitalism development of human capacity building in the state.

The mentioned issues are anti-national strategies and agendas plans in accordance to human destiny because, they affect both political and economic will toward natural environment serene of the state because of their origins from the nature. In order to implement these fundamental issues, state executive, legislative and judiciary organs; should introduces good governance policies on political, economic and social developments in codification of National Constitution and its legalizations amendments into basic laws that secure fundamental rights and well-being  of South Sudanese in their perspective lives.

In Old Ages’ religious and cultural reluctance or negligence orthodoxly sects, the Nature condemned racial societies-states that lacked rational behavior and good morality leadership on the cursed issues related to natural laws being practiced without cultural obedience and ethical politics in daily light junction. Sodom and Gonorrhea were first right hand states by then in Patriarchal Stone; who lost their political and cultural as well as spiritual images. Israel’s Northern and Southern Kingdoms in Prophetic Homage had been in odd movements before the Nature as a result of denial to the laws of Nature which unvalued their political, social and religious as well as economic status on the face of the world in which drought, diseases and exile were fate of their judgment, NIV- Holy Bible.

Nineveh, the great city regained her political and religious images after alteration mindset of life cycle world view; when vocal acceptance to the intended hearsay mission from the Nature hailed from the top hierarchy to grassroots lines, which led to relevant repentance and redirection to the affairs of the state’s trusteeship and obedience by the Nature.

In modern political and economics’ upheaval and confusions in Arab World and Northern part of African Continent, some states demised their political will from peak top to down edge as a result of uncontrolled human abuses and crimes in the state as a result of constitutional abolishment in which disregard to human rights, injustice, inequalities and other inhuman were practiced outrageously without deem by states authorities.

In good governance system in national and state levels, Morality leadership is the prime principle of justice for evolvements of state’s Ideals of rule of law and legal verifications in supervision of Constitutional Authority by ordained elites in political cycle in the executive, legislative and judiciary institutions of knowingly the supremacy of state’s constitution.

Article 3 [1] “This Constitution derived its authority from the will of the people and shall be the supreme law of the land. It shall have a binding force on all persons, institutions, organs and agencies of government throughout the country”. [South Sudan Transitional Constitution, 2011 amended 2015].

Whereas, leadership in all bound of life is the art of getting things done automatically through coordination and cooperation of human personnel in public and private government agencies by trusting and obligating to their natural abilities in deterring the outstanding issues that holding back state’s development agendas in political, economic and social executions. [Salter, Colin, England, 2015].

Morality on leadership over state’s affairs with political will can be effectively strong when the state government initiated, justified and executed policies amendments or adjustments into law over the outcomes of  political, economic and social discussions, dialogues, convention and consensus conferences that addressed setback issues that challenge developments in the state in which, all professional politicians, physicians, academia, historians as well as agriculturalists are invited to General of National Socio-Political and Economic Symposium for further resolutions for Nation Healing.

Has this been done since the Independence up to date? Absolutely not!

The Republic of South Sudan since the Independence Date 2011, is not exception from the above mentioned states who practice inhumanity and ill-ignorance justice against laws of human rights towards real democracies fulfillment of good governance system in the state. Since 2013, the supremacy of the National Constitutional laws and the laws of Nature are dishonored against the will of all living organisms that inhabited the land without cease. In South Sudan, how murder, forced-rape against under and over aged levels and abortion [Ten Commands] are conducted in daylight manner without justice apprehension to perpetuators for the safeguard of human security in the state! In South Sudan, the number of aborted children in cold blood back to eternity against their will is contrary to the Will of Creator. In order to freeze the societies from these cursing acts, specialized committee of health and constitutional affairs in National Assembly should legalize abortion prevention act into law in connection to National Ministry of Justice and Law Review Commission Article 137 as well as Article 146 Human Rights Commission, in which the competent legal justice [1] [e] “recommend to the National Legislative Assembly effective measures to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms”.    In some countries, abortion is done with the supervision of certain professional physician who had researched the cost of child loose in mother’s womb that, the mother’s life is better than the child. And other crimes are cleared out and abolished through justice execution in legal institution. If these outrageous crimes are to be executed, prudent justice considerations are resorted after last points in the present/recognition of couples and other parties at government agencies.

George W. Bush in his first political tenure in White House appointed religious Christian/Muslim advisors who having sound knowledge about abortion crime in both religions and therefore, to object the practice of abortion in American societies outlaw with execution of laws in Constitution. [USA, 2002].   Abortion is avoided because it is a cold blood murder to helpless lives and indeed is a big curse to nations that allowed the outrage practices of abortion which is against the law of Nature in the absence of national law. In South Sudan, if abortion, rape, murder and other human abusive acts are practiced without punishment from law agencies in government institutions as inscribed in the Transitional Constitution, then our expectation of state’s morality justice of good leadership with rule of law is not far from Sodom and Gonorrhea’s crime by then because, those states did not reciprocated their national’s morality, rationality, integrity and dignity of leadership in order to adjust people’s behaviors, mental feelings and state of natural freedom into normal. In present days, reports are heard from social media’s houses about abortion, raping, murdering and stealing without law apprehension to penetrators who committed crimes to normal victims. This is a clear invitation of curse to the nation’s image of political, cultural and diplomatic will on the face of the international world in which she is a member state to rights entreaties.  When referring to the Book of Exodus 20:1-17, Tent observable commanded covenants between the states and the Nature are to be justified through the guiding of the supremacy of the Constitutional amendment processes in order central government and of the state levels be cleaned from crime against the humanity and that, the Nature wisely dwells in all nation’s political, economic and social will and  transformation and reformation of morality justice with rule of laws in the state’s perspective institutions.

In order for the national government to deter these crimes to an end with further investigation and evaluation to their affective nature in South Sudanese society  country wide, social media houses with both input and output updated information on newspapers, magazines, journals T.V screens’ channels, sign posts, radio stations’ waves and platforms should be operationalize. This to facilitate the effect of reciprocations of laws management in the nation’s Constitutional review because, the foundation of government in the state is framed out of good governance   with moral leadership is an expression of free voices and opinion of both strong and weak, rich and poor with the same values, equalities and rights of their citizenship in the state because, man is a holistic measure in horizontal development of the state for all worth of life.

Article 14 states,” All persons are equal before the law and are entitled to the equal protection of the law without discrimination as to race, ethnic origin, color, sex, language, religious creed, political opinion, birth, locality or social”. South Sudan-law 2011 amended 2015.

The government of the state should prioritizes the protection of normal citizens’ from external and eternal attacks as crimes from foreign cultures and foreign mission’s mal interpretations of human rights laws in international table in the first hand, and from lack of food security which derails the moral growth of citizens’ stability in their domestic life in the state that in some cases, lead to mass demonstrations and protests against the government as happened in Sudan. The central government should always holds on National Constitution to legalize laws in context of life assurance for citizens and change odd laws that deprive citizens’ stability because, as mentioned above that the US’ former president George W. Bush had legalized the prevention of mass abortion into law in US’ Constitution, was a morality leadership justice fulfillment to the law of nature as well as wellbeing to the nation for reverend to the Nature.

A moral leader in leadership cycle is a person of morality and high value of listening, understanding, feeling and sensing to his/her people’s voices and opinion, their anger, fears, grievances, doubts and quarrel in order to cross-cut to an end politically. These social issues are odd to morality leadership principles of the government in the state’s affairs management.

Political leaders are to strategically and mechanically, maintain/ amend rules, policies and decision-makings in methodological manner in regard to the best of his/her people’s interests in reference to the National Constitution- the law of the land.  Morality leaders in executive, legislative and judiciary institutions arena are chief models of virtue and righteous justice as well as men of a cool heart and thereto, with ideological gesture of application power of law in daily basis in regard to the National Constitution’s supremacy on behave of all citizens in the state including other living organisms in the land. And moreover, morality leadership in government offices, leaders are elements of change to conducive environment on behave of ecological systems in the land and life sharpen through appearance, approach and response to the public with life pattern through interactions/communication. Morality leadership in the state’s affairs is implies to all men of perspective communities on the basis of their traditional cultural norms in order to acts and to performable conduct their empirical justice in the will of laws and rules.

A moral leader in the quality of leadership in the national, state or in the society’s affairs; is a person with sound mind, ethical standard, cultural bound of norms, values and beliefs that integrands one to environmental leadership with courageous and patient integrity ideologies in whatever he/she does or says of his/her political processes or endeavor for meeting people’s goals of their capacity buildings in their perspective livings. His/her reaction should cooperate with environment conducive to all state’s affairs with trusteeship of moral administration in regard to the supremacy of constitution.

“Article 62 identified the eligibility for membership in executive, legislative and judiciary [1] that a candidate shall: [c] be of sound mind”.

Based on these cited articles herein from The Transitional Constitution, 2011 amended in 2015 of their initial authoritative inscription as laws of the land, ‘The Republic of South Sudan’ in regard to all living organisms, must be respected and be interpreted in good faith in obedient to the Nature by all servants serving under the laws of South Sudan with guiding of political objective as inscribed in article 36. [5] “All public offices shall be held in trust for the people and all persons in positions of leadership and responsibility shall be answerable to the people in their work and duties”.

When abiding with this book of laws of South Sudan, peace will prevail. Read Joshua 1:8 God Says to Joshua, “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful”.

Thanks, God bless.

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