Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Normally an editor selects a lead, sub lead and pointer if possible based on the strength of the story having considered many factors and the socio-political mood of the day. It is not to drum support and favour anyone or institution. My point is that the current mood in the country is geared towards the peace agreement and formation of unity government. This is a fact being witnessed all-over the world. All eyes and ears are focused towards this nation come February 22nd 2020. This month will be the climax of the long awaited peace agreement and the formation of the unity government. Would this day come and go so that other priorities could be addressed. Will this be the beginning of a new down for this country to jump-start new life? I was reading news in the media outlets, actually your leading daily English newspaper Juba Monitor. Of the three stories in the front page, the lead, sub leader and even the pointer was all about peace. Was this a coincident, no l do not think so. The stories represented the views of different people and institutions. What they had in common but with different representation was about peace. And their views represent the views of the majority. It is disheartening to learn from other quarters that there are some people still bent to derail the process even with the few days remaining to the expected Promised Land.  Let the people of this country not cry any more. Let their tears be of joy to be back to where they have been longing for all these years. Let there be joy in every household that peace was already with them. It is not who is who where, but who can meet their desire and bring everlasting peace to them. Let us sit down as a people and a nation and reflect back onto the past life which had robbed this country of millions of able people who were geared to take this nation to the next greater level of development. Reflect with these in mind and say enough is enough. Let us stand up now and uniformly say yes we can do it. Yes we can move this country forward collectively. Yes we can forgive the past and close the ranks by being brothers and sisters. Time is running out for development to take centre stage. We can catch-up by sitting down around the table and facing the reality of future life and of this country together without thinking of being in this or that camp. In Juba right now consultations are going on just like in Addis Ababa there are C5 and IGAD meetings on the one issue of peace for South Sudan. When that day comes and the population wakes up to the reality of unity government, definitely, there happiness and those who have been waiting outside to come back home will start preparing for the journey to return and be involved in building the country. It is what we should encourage to ensure both local and foreign investors had trust of mind in peace to inject more in the country.

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