The mood of the country

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Some people may agree with me and others may treat me wrong on the above mentioned topic. We evaluate what is going on in Juba and other states mostly on several killings. The mood can be better if there are good things happening in the country. It can be sad if there are bad things still happening. How is your mood?

If your eyes were much on developmental projects, your mood about the country can be good, meaning there was nothing bad that mighty have happened or is still happening to the people.

The opposite could be noticing the crisis, killings and other criminal acts that took place in the country. Where are we going is only God to answer because we are His children and He created us in His image. Some South Sudanese do not fear God that is why there are a lot of bad things happening in the country. Who is responsible for the blood of innocent people in this country? God if you are seeing in your Holy eyes what is moving in this country. Many people ask questions but You know the answer, as You are the father of the Nation.

If there are leaders, Peace keepers are supposed to protect citizens of this country. Why are several South Sudanese inviting devil spirit to destroy this country? If we understand that this country is given by God, we could not play with it, for the reason that we are not the owners, we have no right to claim anything in this world.  

Where is the peace we are talking about and what is this peace doing if there were a lot of killing cases. Are we playing with God Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace or our eyes closed because we are evil people. Who can return the blood of the innocent people in this country, if it is not you God?

Is it right to do evil things to your brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and children? Where is the strong foundation by the leaders to keep people of this nation in peace? Who is to do it if there is leadership and Lord your eyes are seeing what is going on. 

Almighty God, enter our hearts, change those hearts of stones to flesh to understand you and keep your Commandments on earth. Jesus without your intervention in this country, there is nothing good that will come out to your people in various places. Forgive us Lord because we are all sinners and not listening to you.

May God bless us all.

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