Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

Following the Ethiopian plane crash where 157 people perished, a number of countries in the continent and the world have grounded all Boeing or B-737 fleets made from the same company. It started with China which had trading links with the US based company. As we mentioned earlier, we do not want to pre-empt the finding of the investigators who are on the ground after the disastrous accident. We are praying and condoling with the families who have parted with their loved one. While we stand with them in asking the almighty to make them strong as the reality of losing loved one sink deeper, they should remain prayerful knowing that we are all destined for the same journey and only time and mode differs. They should always be with or in peace wherever they are. Peace of mind and peace of existence are paramount in life. While on peace, l should be able to tell someone that here we can only develop to the next level at Juba Monitor when the country has peace. This is for all positive activities in all sectors which are intended to boost the country’s economy and put it in the world map. Some bent and mediocre minds are maliciously equating our championing of the peace process as sycophancy. The word sycophant means “a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage”. The peace contribution that we are making is meant for the people of this country and for the country as a whole. Everyone is supposed to play his/her role towards the process effectively not because they are supporting or opposing this or that one. Peace is needed for socio-economy and political development. There can only be one reason to work for peace for all. It is for the good of all mankind not who is where at what time. If this cause we have taken is taken to mean what less-mind-set think otherwise then let it be. Media outlets are charged with the responsibilities of informing, educating and entertaining the public. This is what we are doing and will continue doing it because we have to operate in a peaceful atmosphere conducive for business. It is the wish of all in the business sector to participate in the peace process. This was demonstrated by the one evening contribution of over 600 million South Sudanese Pounds (SSP) to assist in the peace process. Who does not want to have peace in his/her backyard? For those who do not believe in the on-going peace process, they should wake up to reality that the peace restoration process is on-going and being taken across by the like minds who know and understand the benefit of having peace. They should come to terms that whatever little their contribution could be they have something to give to the peace process. They should wake up to reality and leave behind the thinking of yesteryear and start thinking positively about peace restoration. They should not remain in the limbo or think negatively instead of moving forward with others. They should wake up at this time of sorrow and mourning the world over of the victims of the Ethiopian plane crash. They should pray whenever that peace gospel is spread to all parts of the world. Not in their own minds but to the people for peaceful co-existence.

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