By Ngor Khot Garang [Guest]

Odongo Odoyo

For years now, crime rates have increased in Juba with victims being the public. The vulnerable including women and the elderly have been robbed in broad daylight. What beats someone’s understanding is how these people would rob civilians and get away with it. What is the work of police and what are they doing to curb this growing public nuisance?

The police have a task and that is to protect the lives of the citizens. A few days ago, there was this guy who was in a taxi. He was poorly dressed but was carrying some money. When the taxi conduct came asking for the fare, the guy removed his trouser and dug his hands into his inner pocket, and removed some money.

It was a shock that somebody of his caliber could use his inner pocket to keep the money instead of his trouser’s pockets. He told those around that was the only way to protect his money from being grabbed by the Toronto boys.

These boys don’t play and they know who to rob and when to carry out their work.  Last month they pulled out a pregnant woman from a speeding rickshaw and it was not long before the woman was pronounced dead. This was sad. There are many crimes committed by these boys which showed the reluctance of the police to carry out their duty.  The criminal act must be punished and it is the work of the police, once someone commits a crime and is arrested, he or she helps the police with the investigation.

This week, the National Security Service put on the big shoes and have some of the boys nabbed. Among the boys, there was a woman with what looked like a hijab wrapped around her neck. We don’t distaste the work of National Security in trying to be a guardian angel in a situation that should have been handled by the police. The law is not dead and it must be followed. The national security and national police are two different bodies that know what they should do.

The issue of Toronto is not something new that should be treated out of context.  This must be the duty of the police because most of the crimes happen in the local vicinities. These two bodies if they want to tighten the security of this nation must draw a line and choose not to cross those lines or overlap unless it is permitted and highly necessary for the safety of the country.

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