The bad blood between the security organs and journalists around the world must come to an end as focus on today’s international day to end impunity against the scribes would wish to address. Key players should ensure that all issues that has created this bad blood come to an end and harmonized to continuity purposes. Nothing can be from far if the word fear was to be erased to be replaced by love and understanding among the media and the government. CEPO and UJOSS have jointly called on the government to end persecution of journalists in the country. The issue of journalists working under fear of being arrested and locked up is still eminent among the scribes. Self-censoring in media houses seems to be the in thing to avoid papers remaining blanks when stories areremoved from printing press. While the security of the country cannot be compromised and while it is possible that some media houses might without intention place articles they deem to be okay but which did not go well with the security, instead of removing them without consultation they should consult first. The coming into picture of the media authority has somehow improved the existing relationship but more still needed to be done. There are gaps that need to be filled in the media industry as a whole because of lack of proper working tools for both print and electronic media houses, but the worst in security of journalists and their pay do not meet their work efforts. Journalists should unite and work for their own common goals instead of individualizing to suit few if not none at all. If the security agents must be deployed in the printing press, they should be at least people who understand the media and who should not judge a story by its heading. Since already they have the privilege to that effect they should equally be able to understand the contents.

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