It is not known where this bold idea came from but whatever it might be, it must be implemented with the same volume with which it was said. A couple of days ago, the Mayor of Juba City said he has made up his mind to turn dangerous criminal youths into useful young people who would work in the farms to boost agricultural productivity in the country. The plan holds some water but when the government thinks of employing people to work in the farm, they must first ensure the safety and enough security in the area. The citizens are okay with the idea but seeing through this plan and its possibility is a different story. There are many things these young people can do and it doesn’t have to be agriculture only, they can be asked to join the mighty Juba City council and work in the city with pay. You cannot believe when someone says they steal because of pleasure or because they find happiness in doing so. There are several factors, one of which is unemployment. Of course, the agricultural sector is down and needs help but it is almost everywhere. No system is functioning in the country. Instead of chasing the wind, the government must swallow the humble pie and work to ensure that the youths are empowered through the creation of employment opportunities that can keep them busy. Many words have been spoken and have never been walked, instead the words walked those who said them. On all the possible fronts, the government must seize the situation and do everything without letting the citizens know what they are planning to do. That is best described as a real work but when you just say things and don’t follow them, they will be considered as true lies.

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