It is unfortunate and shameful to learn that more than 400 children are out of school due to calamity which was not of their making where they lost parents and guardian in the worst ever fuel tanker fire which occurred in Mambe, Maridi county almost four years ago. They are in need and even the county government concur that these children should not be left without education but lack of resources hinders the process. Children must be taken to school for better education which is the future life line. There are so many institutions both locally and internationally which should be able to help these needy children to go to school and prepare their future instead of being left in the cold to rot. These institutions which have funds but holding uncountable workshops and seminars in big hotels and towns should spare some little money to help these children. The government alone has enough on its hand  and need support from friends of the country to make some of basics acquired for the development of the whole nation. There are international and local organizations which are aware of the case of these children and for this long have not responded even with a little cause of care  to the future of these venerable human being suffering for what is not of their own making. Educated society is a well placed in informed decisions. Education is the key to progress and success which these children should not be denied at all cost.  Let those able be in the fore front of coming to contain issues which are of national concern. It is the only way to help the society move forward with its development agenda. Let all join hands and help these children regain their future dream by taking them to school.

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