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Odongo Odoyo

With Odongo Odoyo

By: Ochan David Silvio (Guest)

Today, Christians have a divergent liturgical interpretation of what the lent season is, some say, is the season for forgiveness and prayers, others say a holy day where individuals are encouraged to recognize their faults as humans and take the time to repent for their sins,  while several others use the Easter season to hang out with families and relative.

It is human to have a divergent understanding of the text in the bible because several factors make it so complex for an ordinary person to interpret the word of God.

Primarily, Lent is a liturgical season of conversion that focuses on three spiritual pillars: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. During the 40 days of Lent, we are urged to reflect on our lives, perform acts of charity, and make small sacrifices. Each pillar prepares us for the joyful celebration of Christ’s resurrection on that cheerful Easter Sunday.

It is the time we reconnect to God so that we realized the change we need most in our lives, you cannot talk about salvation without abandoning evil and greed. Repentant gives us avenues to healing and hope for eternal life; it also helps us to invite the Holy Spirit back into our life. God comes into our life through repentance and leaves us through rejection, the way of rejecting God and the Holy Spirit is by living a life without repentance.

None repentant hearts are often disconnected from the source which is the holy spirit, this has been confirmed in the laws of sustainability which states that if anything gets disconnected from the source, it begins to Witter’s. We must pray that this season helps us reconnect back to Jesus by deliberately choosing to live the God Way.

Being constantly connected to Christ deepens our faith to God whereas repenting from our sinful act helps us overcome the iniquities of this present world, it also prepare our emotion for a constructive spiritual transformation

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