It is not permitted to take laws into one’s hand. That action of an uncle who chopped off a boy’s genital because of defilement cannot be an excuse to inflict such injuries on a young man whose future have been ruined forever. The 14 years old boy is alleged to have defiled his eight years old female cousin in Pakwach town. It is acceptable that this is an offence punishable by the laws through the normal legal system where order prevailed. But should not go through unorthodox means and primitive way of punishment. Arresting the culprit of the heinous offence alone is not enough because he did not himself follow the right channel to have law and order prevail in the circumstances. The two cousins could be excused for being young teenagers who should be given the right direction instead of using self-imposed judgment on a young man who might have done what he did just out of fun. The public is not being told whether the act was by force or consent. But whatever it was, it did not merit the so called uncle to tie up the boy hands-up and chop off the private part. It is inhuman and must be stopped. The law enforcement bodies should be alert and stop allowing such cases to occur by passing deterrent sentences to the prosecutors, judges and the executioners. The country has the laws which must be given prominence and priority to safeguard the interests of all without discrimination. Such cases are rampant in parts of the country where people still believe in the jungle or traditional laws. Many such do not reach the attention of proper authorities and they did then not in time to save the situation. There should be public awareness created for the masses to know their limit of operations outside the laid down laws. It cannot be left forever to be open to abuse.

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