The endangered species day marked yesterday resolved that the Government will protect all animals especially those venerable to the current hostile situation. This coming from the Minister of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, Jemma Nunu Kumba is a signal to those involved in the destruction of our treasured natural resources in the name of animals. Time and again the continent is crying over the eminent extinction of our endangered spices without much action being put in place. In some cases, our own nationals are the ones involved in these activities in collaboration with international crooks whose only cause of action is to make money and more money out of. Some of the planet’s endangered species found in this country includes African Elephant which is considered the iconic species of the continent and faces poaching and trafficking, causing drastic reduction in its population. Not only the Elephants, white rhinos African leopards, cheetah, ostrich, Nile crocodile, Pangolins and some plants species. As if this is not enough danger to our natural resources. Time has come that the continent must unite to protect the few remaining species and to ensure their growth for the future generation. Time has equally come for the continent to unite and bring poachers and other destructors of the animal kingdom to be rounded up and kept where they belong, in jails. This action should start within us where bush meat is considered a delicacy and killings of wild animals. It is shameful that in parties, local ceremonies, restaurants and hotels bush meat is the order of the day even among those charged with their protection in their environments who kill and supply these institutions, let alone illegal exportation or smuggling of the animal parts to foreign countries.

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