Crime is taking shape at this time when the fight is directed towards the coronavirus pandemic.  Two women were gang-raped in Juba last week following other reports of similar cases in and around the capital city. Worse, the violence barbaric act was carried out against these innocent women at the premises of a pastor who was out of his Rock City residence at the time of the incident. A similar incident forced against an eight-year-old girl who had just been reported few days back in Gudele. What drives these rapists? Women and girls are of the class of weak and venerable sex. They need protection from their brothers, men, who at time turn out to be their destroyers. In this 21st century, such acts should not be allowed to go on un- punished. This is a civilized time for law and order to be obeyed, respected and followed to the latter. It cannot be left to go down to the pit hole without any action being taken. Women are mothers who need protection to bring up orderly and disciplined nation. Subjecting them to un-wanted sexual abuse constitute a crime which the law should not take lightly at any given time. In some countries such crime are punishable with firing squad or hanging. It is un-imaginable that these criminals want these kind of punishment applied to them. Police who receive such cases should be gentle without causing so much more trauma to the rape victims. In fact, gender desks should be operational in all police stations where these cases should be reported under a qualified and understanding women police officers. The current desks, which are already working should be revamped to be very effective in protecting the right of women and girls. Above all, the perpetrators of the rape crime should not be spared and should be dealt with perpendicularly.

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