The law must catch up with all offenders

Something is surely taking the right direction in the midst of the power in charge of the country. It has come to be that soldiers who committed atrocities during last year’s skirmishes are facing court martial under this country’s laws. This is a signal and a warning to those who are still out there thinking that the law will not catch up with them and who think they can go scotch free with offences committed against humanity. We have repeatedly said the men and women in uniform are there to protect every man and woman in this country with all their might according to the power vested upon them. They should protect humanity and human beings with what they have for livelihood, property. These people who are now facing the trial, let us not be the judge(s) to their case but one thing stands out. The country is taking a different approach and new dimension to safeguarding and protecting the venerable. Their case will be an eye opener and should be a good example to others not to think even a little that the yesteryear behavior can be today’s take. We are in a changing world where change is eminent. Those who want to be left behind will not walk the talk and will always remain behind as change take others ahead. The message is clear, no one is indispensable. The country is on the move changing with time while some people are not moving in the same direction. Anybody who is suspected to have committed an offence will face the law and until proven innocent. Let all get fair trial based on professionalism not favoritism.

Editorial 31st May 2017

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